A compliant, stable value currency

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Stable, Valuable and Secure credit standard


EUSD is the official asset token of Epay platform, it will be a transaction medium among Epay Global Remittance Network to accelerate capital transactions and circulation process. And to build the circulation value itself.
  • Investor of cryptocurrency

    Buy stablecoin EUSD to effectively avoid the risk of asset shrinkage caused by violent fluctuations

  • Cross-border remitters

    Do you need to remit local curreny to abroad? EUSD can be exchanged to multiple currencies on Epay and remit through the global remittance network

  • Online payment merchants

    The merchant who integrates Epay API can easily receive and send money online with EUSD to make a more convenient experience service

  • Cross-border E-commerce

    To settle accounts using EUSD can greatly reduce the collection cycle and improve the efficiency of capital transfer

Pegged to the value of US Dollar with 1:1 ratio

No matter how the market changes,it allows EUSD holders to exchange USD with a fixed 1:1 exchange rate. Thanks to its feature, your asset value will be fully protected.

Application scenario of Global Remittance Network

EUSD is playing a core role in a complete application scenario of Global Remittance Network, Remitters and exchangers from all over the world can remit, exchange and make other transactions through Epay Global Remittance Network, EUSD is not only a transform and accounting tool to accelerate transaction process, but also a trading asset between the exchangers circulating within the platform.

EUSD = exchange multiple currencies at any time

To the EUSD holders, you can not only exchange EUSD to USD, EUR, JPY, HKD and other legal currencies, but also exchange it to PM, Advcash, Payeer, and Fasapay or other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and so on.